‘Bachie’ Star Rachael Has Hinted That Matt Was A Bit Of A Dog C*nt To Chelsie

In absolutely mental areas, The Bachelor has overridden The Bachelorette on the gossip front with the surprise announcement that Matt Agnew & Chelsie McLeod had broken up dropping on the weekend.

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Matt took to Instagram to make the announcement, with Chelsie following on with her own Insta post thanking fans for their support. But that was just the beginning of the drama you guys! Of course it was!

Naturally, other has-been contestants – namely, in this case, Rachael Arahill – have gotten themselves involved. Rach has been commenting on Chelsie’s Instagram, as The Daily Mail spotted, and her little sasses seem to indicate that Matt blindsided his girlfriend with their break up.

Credit: Instagram / The Daily Mail

The comment “so does Chelsie” in response to a fan saying she wants to know why they split is TEA. Does that mean Chelsie’s been left in the dark by Matt as to why they split?

Look, on one hand – I don’t really remember Rachael and Chelsie being BFFs in the mansion, but then again we weren’t exactly privy to their every waking moment. Let’s also acknowledge that reality TV stars who don’t gain instant fame by winning the show are often trying desperately to cling to all sense of relevance in the media, so Rach could just be stirring the pot to generate stories like, well, this one.

But 2019 dating is absolutely “hey, I don’t want to be with you anymore and I am simply not going to tell you why” as anyone who has been dumped can tell you. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Matt just dropped Chels out of the blue. I’m not saying he’s a dick! I’m just saying the general vibe of dating is unexplained split ups.

Rachael also insinuated that there was more invested into the relationship than we saw??? What does that mean?

Credit: Instagram / The Daily Mail

At the end of the day we have NFI why or how these two broke up, AAAAND it’s definitely none of our business… but given they were the stars of a 2019 reality show of COURSE we’re all going to speculate. It’s probably some borza reason like “we just got too into our respective jobs” or like “we realised we were just mates”.