And The Winner Of MasterChef: Back To Win Is… Jock And His Stunning Kilt

masterchef jock kilt

It’s the finale of MasterChef: Back To Win is here and the pressure is on. Literally, there’s about 15 pressure cookers on tonight.

But if you thought the winner of tonight’s episode would be Laura or Emilia, you are sorely mistaken because it’s obviously Jock and his incredible kilt.

We simply must stan.

Seriously, cancel the episode and give us a 90-minute catwalk of Jock and his kilt. It is truly what the people want.

This truly is the gift we didn’t know we needed.

Such a chaotic, yet stylish, energy. We must bow down to our kilt king.

This is the best day of my life.

He truly does scream BKE (Big Kilt Energy) and hoo boy, did it get people horny.

That’s it! Jock wins! Give him a quarter of a million dollars to spent solely on kilts.