I Don’t Mean To Spoil The ‘Masked Singer’ Finale For You, But Here’s The Spoiler

To the few determined souls who’ve persevered through the entire season of Masked Singer and eagerly await the finale in under an hour, please, let me ruin the probable outcome for you.

[jwplayer gxLFr3ky]

Let me start off by saying that it’s no surprise Cody Simpson is the robot. Nor is it a shock that Rob Mills is the shoe-in for the wolf and Gorgi Coghlan is tipped to be the monster. If you own a phone/computer and have access to internet (which reading this article evidently requires) then this won’t be news to you – these guesses have been floating around since the beginning of the season.

Now, REAL TEA: Cody Simpson was snapped flying into Sydney airport this morning ahead of the finale, which would make sense if he was the show’s winner and was subsequently required to do press tomorrow. I can’t afford to pay for the images but please, by all means, check out the papped pics of Cody this morning via news.com.au.

Surely this means that Cody is tonight’s victor.


Now let’s tune in for tonight’s show and see if my Nancy Drewing skills prove to be correct. If Cody doesn’t win, I’ll be very sorry. Actually, no, I’m unapologetic.

Tonight’s mood.

My body is ready for more oblivious LiLo reactions.