Folks, it looks like the honeymoon is over on ‘Married At First Sight‘. Literally, the honeymoon is over. We’ve advanced to the part of the show where the pretend married couples have to pretend live together in pretend cities like the Gold Coast.

But some couples are not coming along for the ride, having found a relatively unsurprising outcome of being put into a relationship with a total stranger: incompatibility.

For Andy and Craig their great pitfall was that Andy is a slow, reserved, quiet gentleman and Craig might well be the horniest man alive – which lead to some differences of opinion as to what they wanted out of their marriage.

It ended on a lovely note though, with the two of them promising to have a catch up in the future:

Jess and Dave‘s decision to terminate, however, was much, much, much messier. From the outset, those two had a pretty wild ride, with Dave initially expressing a bit of disappointment when het met Jess until they briefly seemed to click really well.

But shit quickly got sour, with Dave turning into a parody of an Australian man – at one point he was basically telling her to shut up with his eyes while he tried to watch the cricket.

Was Dave being a dick? Yes. Is it crazy to expect that two people are going to click based on their responses to a quiz? Also yes. The odds are, with a show like this, that someone is going to get hurt, and right now it seems like Jess is that person.

Also it’s not in the video, but quick shout out to Dave for pulling out possibly the douchiest move of all time, where he told Jess that he found her more attractive when she was less insecure – which is a recipe that pretty much guarantees human brain implosion.

They dealt with it in very stereotypical ways: Jess by tearing Dave to shreds with a friend, Dave by sitting in his apartment staring at the walls like a psychopath.

I think the important lesson here is that only the couples who have definitely had sex have survived so far.

Also, lol, Keller already got a tattoo to commemorate getting married to Nicole.

Photo and source: Channel 9.