Margot Robbie Gets Roasted In Her Group Chat, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Margot Robbie‘s one of those quintessentially Aussie gals who seemingly hasn’t let being a big-name Hollywood star affect her. She’s like a young Cate Blanchett – you wouldn’t bat your eyes twice if you spotted her boogie boarding down the coast over NYE, you know? Just a regular Australian legend.

Every interview she does reveals more of this chiller, unaffected personality, and her latest – with Vogue Australia, of which she’s this month’s cover star – is no different.

Margot talks marriage:

That’s the thing, we were best friends and roommates before and now we’re like best friends and roommates still, so nothing’s really changed at all. Other than the fact that I get to wear this on the weekends. I can’t obviously wear it during the week when I’m working – I don’t want to lose it on set.

And the Hollywood sexual harassment scandals.

To me, when I think of women, I think the word that sums up women so well but isn’t used as often as it should be is ‘resilient’. Women are so resilient and I think the response to the whole Weinstein situation kind of proved that. Because it’s astounding how quickly everyone pivoted from being heartbroken about the news to, how do we move forward? How can we move forward? What good can come out of this? Everyone was so supportive immediately and then automatically looking to the future, which made me even more proud to be a woman.

But the most down-to-earth bit is absolutely when her best mate, Sophia Kerr (who doubles as her assistant) reveals that Margot gets absolutely paid out to the nines in their group chat – just like everyone else does.

“She has all the same friends since before she was famous. She FaceTimes her mum, siblings and nephew on a weekly basis,” Kerr tells Vogue. “She’s in group texts where we all make fun of one another … she doesn’t get any special treatment!”

There’s nothing quite as humbling as getting taken down by your mates over Messenger.

Read the entire interview on Vogue Australia here.