WATCH: Margot Robbie As Patrick Bateman Is Way Scarier Than Harley Quinn

Ahhh Margot Robbie. A talent, an enigma, a vision. She’s doing the sunburned country proud right now. 
And now, she’s truly outdone Harley’s insanity by becoming a rather convincing female Patrick Bateman in this spoof of ‘American Psycho‘. 
The video is directed by the fellas behind ‘Catfish’ and ‘Paranormal Activity 3 & 4’, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.
AND, this video is actually a US Vogue advert, for her upcoming issue with the Aussie actress on the cover. You’ll have no idea up until the final few seconds. 
Notice the very recognisable jar of a certain yeast extract at the end there, too. 
Killing it, Robbie
Source: Vogue / Youtube