Malcolm Turnbull And Chris Hemsworth Hung Out At The AFL Grand Final

Malcolm Turnbull attended yesterday’s AFL Grand Final to support Julie Bishop‘s beloved West Coast Eagles in order to “display the importance of cabinet solidarity.”
Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for the Eagles, so rather than watch them get thumped by Hawthorn, he spent some third-quarter time in the members’ pavilion of the MCG, where the below, amazing photo was taken. 
While eating fancy canapes, Turnbull ran into Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. Thor, a.k.a. the currently-reigning sexiest man alive, and letting his giddy fangirl side out, the Prime Minister demanded a pic, which he subsequently uploaded to Instagram.   
“Good to meet Chris Hemsworth today,” Turnbull wrote, “talked about the contribution of the creative sector to our economy. But a bit weird he insisted on me calling him Thor.”
Not missing a trick, opposition leader Bill Shorten posted a Grand Final pic of his own, showing him barracking for Hawthorn along with Anthony Albanese

Shockingly enough, in the competition for favourites and likes, the backs of two middle aged men’s heads proved no match for a Hemwsorth. Well-played, Turnbull, well-played. 
Worth noting, however – whoever manages the Prime Minister’s social media accounts clearly has as much trouble as the rest of us when it comes to giving the correct name to the correct Hemsworth brother. 
The confusion resulted in what may be the best Facebook edit EVER late yesterday: