Bulldogs Die-Hards Franco Cozzo, The Hemsworth Bros & More Are Beyond Stoked

You’d think the Western Bulldogs players who just broke a decades-long premiership drought would be the happiest chaps about, but… no, you’re dead-on, actually. They are the most chuffed individuals currently on planet Earth, and quite rightly: only a select few of us can claim to be part of that odds-defying achievement. 

The long-suffering fans who’ve persevered with their team through years and years of rival dominance deserve a special shout, though. In the case of King of Footscray Franco Cozzo, that special shout would usually be “grand-a sale!”, but today’s win has apparently rendered the local legend speechless:

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It ain’t just lovable furniture salesmen who are frothing at a Bulldogs victory. Official perfect Australian blokes Chris and Liam Hemsworth have been having a grand ol’ time in the warm glow of a premiership, and by God, have they let their Instagram followers know:

Doggies!!!!! Best day ever!!! #westernbulldogs

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As far as original declarations of excitement go, comedian Wil Anderson has been kinda low-key. That being said, his Twitter feed has been a non-stop source of Western Bulldogs retweets of the quantity and ferocity only a legitimate follower could muster. 

Oh, also, a fair few people have pointed out he oughta change the name of his footy podcast from 2 Guys 1 Cup:

The usual list of public officials have also given their stamp of approval to the win, but let’s be real: none of these mean as much as the King Cozzo’s happiness, ya know?

Melbourne’s Bolte Bridge
is honouring their victory too, but we’re of the opinion it’s not going to be the only thing getting lit tonight:

Source and photo: Franco Cozzo / Chris Hemsworth / Instagram.