Magda Szubanski Defends New Bestie Kim K Following Online Backlash Over Bushfire Support

The Kardashians are getting ripped to shreds by fans over their supposed lack of action in the Australian bushfire crisis.

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“Nothing gets me more heated than to see the Kardashains/Jenners talk about climate change/wildfires & not donate even a penny,” one follower wrote which amassed loads of likes and retweets from punters along with similar follow-up tweets.

Sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian later defended themselves on Twitter and they weren’t alone, one Magda Szubanski also had their back as well.

The Kath & Kim star, who worked with Kardashian on the now iconic Uber Eats ad, shared the following tweet in Kim’s defence:

“FYI when I did the Uber eats ad w Kim I spoke to her on the phone (weeks before this current disaster ) & the VERY FIRST THING she asked me was how we were going with the bushfires. She was concerned, informed & compassionate. Many ppl donate their money and time quietly.”

Kim and Khloe insinuated that they had already provided some form of assistance to bushfire aid but while proof of this remains to be seen, an insider has told PEOPLE that their younger sis Kylie Jenner donated $1.4 million to various relief efforts as a way of showing her support.

Jenner’s donation followed a heap of backlash that she received for posting a photo wearing mink fur slippers on social media, while simultaneously raising awareness about the rising death toll of animals in Southern Australia via her Instagram stories.

“That post was completely unintentional,” the insider says. “Kylie stands behind her desire to want to help provide relief towards the devastation the fires have caused.”