Telv Reckons That ‘MAFS’ Email Leak Is Fake So The Plot THICKENS

And we’re back in the Married At First Sight drama cabana because following this morning’s email leak of Telv Sarah’s apparent break-up, Telv showed up on the Kyle & Jackie O Show (via the phone) to deny the fuck outta the rumours.

If you hadn’t heard, The Daily Mail got their hands on a leaked email apparently from Telv to one of the show’s producers. Most of the email is blurred out but the gist of it said:

“Had a chat to Sarah…I have blocked her number and refuse to have anymore talks…I wanted to try and get along strictly for publicity…I no longer want anything to do with this crazy woman. Regards Telv.” 

Well, that’s bloody awkward since a lot of people were rooting for the seemingly adorable couple.

Anyway, this morning a very irritable Telv was none to happy to know the radio show had somehow gotten his number but Jackie couldn’t care less as she got straight into it. Even when Telv was all like ‘dude I can’t talk about this’. Telv also demanded to know who gave out his number and surprise surprise, it was DEAN. 

Jackie then asked Telv if the email was his and Telv just replied, “No”. 

So, the email is apparently fictitious and completely made up to stir some more MAFS drama. Who would do such a thing????

The radio hosts tried to get some juice outta Telv about his relationship with Sarah but all we really found out was that they had dins dins last night and Sarah is doing well. Again surprise, surprise Telv can’t actually say much ‘cos his contract aint’ letting him do so. The rest of the phone call is about Telv’s life post-shooting and all the selfies he’s now being asked for. Also, apparently Telv gets a lot of inboxes on Facebook from random women but of course, he doesn’t read any of them, duh.

“I’m a happily married man,” Telv said so there you have it folks, it seems one of our fave couples have not actually bitten the dust…

See you next time.