If This Leaked ‘MAFS’ Email’s Legit It Looks Like Telv & Sarah Roza Are Over

I’ve said it before, I’ll bloody say it again – Married At First Sight is the TV gift that just keeps on giving. It’s giving even after filming. This season will probably be giving in 2020. That is how spicy the drama is that’s coming off these stars.

Forget Dean and Davina for a minute, let’s chat Telv and Sarah Roza. If Instagram’s anything to go by, this couple – who were basically heart-eyes-forever for each other at first meet – are still red-hot and very much on.


But this leaked email procured by The Daily Mail suggests… otherwise. Very much otherwise.

Note that it was sent on the 17th Feb. That’s almost two weeks ago.

The email is allegedly from Telv to a Married At First Sight producer.

As much as I arc up whenever a guy calls a woman “crazy” (do not), it definitely sounds like some shit’s gone down between these two and things aren’t as rosy as, say, this Instagram post is making out:


Like I know this show is very fabricated – what reality series isn’t – but fuck me, I love a spicy “we’re pretending to be happy but actually we hate each other!” expose. YEAH BABEY GIMME THE SPICE.


Can’t wait to see where this goes. So far Channel 9 haven’t spoken on the matter, and Daily Mail are being v v careful about suggesting it’s rock solid proof they’ve split.

“It is possible they were trying to get their relationship back on track or were simply meeting up to discuss their upcoming media duties for the show,” they wrote.

Whatever it is, I love it, I’m here for it, more pls.

UPDATE: Looks like things have gotten spicier – Telv’s denying the email’s legit. Read more HERE.