Australia Is Living For Cyrell After She Ripped Into Sam & Ines On ‘MAFS’


Cyrell – a bloody legend – shredded Sam and Ines tonight on Married At First Sight and it just about made up for everything. That and the fact that we no longer have to deal with Ines’ feral shit.

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Did any of us expect Ines to go down easily tonight? Sam? Maybe. Ines? No. And she didn’t because tonight, Ines out-Ines’d herself as her anus left the building. In short, she and Sam were called out for their affair and though Sam tried to dig himself out of a hole and threw everybody but himself under the bus, he ultimately admitted the whole thing was a big mistake and said he regretted snuggling up to someone else’s partner.

What did Ines do?


Enter Cyrell.

Some key highlights to guide you through life:

  • “I don’t need to understand shit, all I need to know is you work on your marriage. You don’t sit there and just meet up with another wife.”
  • “The world doesn’t revolve around you Sam, you ain’t king ding-a-ling.” 
  • “Settle the fuck down.”

AFTERWARDS, a sheepish Ines tiptoed back into the room but only after requesting Cyrell leave. Ines then proceeded to say she didn’t feel bad for Bronson because he’s been “through a lot in life. He’ll survive.” Lizzie apparently “doesn’t care” and is just “carrying on” too. Alright mate.

Ines definitely pulled some more shit out of her ass but I’ve already forgotten it in favour of “KING DING-A-LING.”


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