MAFS’ Carolina Thinks Dom & Jack Split Mid-Show But I Refuse To Believe Their Relo Was A Sham

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MAFS star Carolina Santos stirred some shit during an AMA with her Instagram followers last night, saying that her castmates Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar actually broke up well and truly before the reunion. Before final vows. Before home towns, even.

The question asked whether or not Jack and Dom broke up at the MAFS retreat or if they “faked it for fame till the end”. Carolina responded: “Look, it’s hard to say because you don’t really know what happens behind closed doors. But I think they did.”

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ooh, burn

Ah, the behind-closed-doors line, which is literally code for not comprehending how two people could tolerate each other.

Now to refresh your MAFS 2022 memory: at the retreat, Dom pissed Jack right off by discussing their sex life while he could hear every damn word. They later came together after Olivia tore Dom and her voice apart, resulting in the infamous glass smash. The experience was not a walk in the park, but the couple had us convinced that what doesn’t kill them only made them stronger etc.

Not that it matters to anyone, but I refuse to believe they broke up during MAFS because Dom and Jack’s final vows were more romantic than literally anything else on that shit-fire production.

But Carolina didn’t stop there. She also said that “most” MAFS couples knew they weren’t going to last but stuck it out to the finish line for the airtime. This to me is obvious, but some couples really leaned into this if it’s true. Exhibit A: Dom and Jack’s final dates in fake Italy. As for Cody and Selina, Ella and Mitch, and Brent and Tamara, they weren’t fooling fucking anyone.

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