Bryce Claims He Was ‘Stitched-Up’ On MAFS Last Night With The Ranking Task & Mate, Don’t Even

The limit of Married At First Sight’s batshittery knows no bounds and in last night’s episode, the MAFS lads were asked to rate their MAFS ladies and, naturally, chaos ensued.

Gruesome groom Bryce Ruthven copped it majorly from both his partner Melissa Rawson and the viewers for rating her *checks notes* fourth. FOURTH.

Meanwhile in first place was Rebecca Zemek, followed by Samantha Harvey and Booka Nile, then his wife Melissa at number four. Fucking ouch.

Should I pick the missus? Nah, fuck it. I’ll go with three other people instead. (Credit: Nine)

Now, the MAFS star has appeared on the radio, claiming that he was “stitched-up” by producers and look, I’m usually the first one to cast stones at the producers, but I’m not buying it this time.

Appearing on B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, Bryce claims the producers told some of the blokes to rate the gals based on looks, while others were told to rate them based on their personalities.

“Unfortunately they were stitching some people up,” he said. “I got told to do mine from most attractive to least attractive,” he added, claiming that he was intentionally given the more cooked challenge to make him appear worse to the audience.

“A lot of us boys had a talk and they were like, ‘Bryce, you got stitched up,’ and I was like, ‘Ah well, that’s just the way it’s gone for me [so far on the show] anyway,” he said.

But… still… you rated your own missus FOURTH. I think you stitched yourself up here, mate.

Have a listen to the full clip here.

ICYMI: During the ep, Bryce’s poor, poor wifey, Melissa, was understandably in tears after seeing his verdict.

He then tells her that he “didn’t mean to offend her” (???), adding that she should know he “can’t lie.”

“I’m not a good liar… I don’t know what else to say,” he said.

Because Melissa isn’t a total demon, she then reveals her rankings, having placed Bryce at numero uno, a decision that she describes as a “no brainer.”

Well doll, maybe for people with brain it’s a “no brainer,” but that clearly doesn’t apply to your hubby.

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