We Found All The MAFS 2021 Cast’s Instagrams So You Can Hate-Stalk During Tonight’s Premiere

MAFS Australia 2021 Cast Instagram

Channel Nine has finally unveiled the official cast members of 2021’s season of Married At First Sight, and this the MAFS 2021 cast of characters look like a real fun time.

MAFS 2021 will kick off on Feb 22, but before that, we thought we’d have a little stalk around socials and get to know the members of the cast a bit early.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the new legends who will undoubtedly be spilling tea and saying stupid shit on Insta for the next couple of years… cannot wait.

Booka Nile, 31

Booka is a member of the deathcore band Make Them Suffer, but this year she just wants to make them love. (I’ll see myself out for that joke). She’s also a member of the band Internet Friends, and I guess this time around she wants to be more than just internet friends? (Okay I’m done).

Location: Perth

Job: Musician / Mental Health Worker

Instagram: @bookanile

MAFS 2021Photo from Instagram.

Rebecca Zemek, 27

Confident, successful, and a woman in charge. We stan, we love to see it, and we want to know how she was in a 10-year relationship with an AFL player if she’s 27…

Location: Perth

Job: Business Manager

Instagram: @beckzemek

MAFS 2021Photo from Instagram.

Belinda Vickers, 29

Confident and quirky cat-lover, who is said to be marrying personal trainer Patrick. Something tells me this MAFS 2021 couple is going to be a lot of fun, and I’m so ready.

Also, her profile is private right now so all I can give you is this pic that looks like it was taken on a toaster.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Door-to-door sales

Instagram: @belindavickers_

Belinda VickersPhoto from Instagram.

Joanne ‘Jo’ Todd, 39

Jo is a mother of three who is ready to get back in the game, and what better way to find a partner than by jumping straight into a MAFS marriage?

Location: Melbourne

Job: Hairdresser

Instagram: @jotodd9

MAFS 2021Photo from Instagram.

Samantha Jayne, 31

Samantha describes her look as having a “little bit of Aussie bogan”, and one simply must stan that kind of honesty. She’s another single mother who is looking to find the perfect match on MAFS 2021.

Location: Canberra

Job: Property Developer

Instagram: @sjkovu

Samantha JaynePhoto from Instagram.

Connie ‘Coco’ Stedman, 30

Career-driven and ready for love, Coco has actually been married before, but it only lasted around six months. This time she wants something that’ll last, and we’re rooting for her to get exactly that.

Location: Sydney

Job: Pilates Studio Owner

Instagram: @peaceloveandcoco

CocoPhoto from Instagram.

Beth Moore, 39

Beth says she has always wanted kids, and fears that her time is running out, but when it comes to finding Mr Right, we think her time has just begun.

Location: Perth

Job: Retail Worker / Student

Instagram: @bettyrawmoore

MAFS 2021Photo from Instagram. 

Alana Lister, 30

Alana is a teacher which means you know she works hard AF. She’s spent the last three years being a single pringle, and is now ready to find the right guy for her… by marrying him on MAFS 2021.

Location: Queensland

Job: Teacher

Instagram: @alana.lister

Alana ListerPhoto from Instagram.

Melissa, 31

Melissa is a bit of a mystery at this point, with almost nothing known about her apart from the fact that she’s apparently never been on a date before. This is going to be interesting.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Workplace Trainer

Instagram: ???

MAFS 2021Photo from Nine.

Brett Helling, 31

I have seen this exact man galavanting about Newtown and Marrickville, so I’m shocked to see he’s from Melbourne?? Anyway, I shall reserve further judgement until MAFS 2021 airs…

Location: Melbourne

Job: Student/Electrician

Instagram: @fatman_scube

Brett Helling ScubaPhoto from Instagram.

Bryce Ruthven, 31

All the hot men live in Canberra. Well, my boyfriend does so I’m sticking to that idea. Bryce looks charming and ready for the competition, so let’s see how this turns out.

Location: Canberra

Job: Radio Announcer

Instagram: @bryceruthven

MAFS 2021Photo from RadioInfo.

Cameron Dunne, 32

Crane operator with a heart of gold, Cameron says he’s been cheated on in the past, which has given him trust issues. We must protect him at all costs.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Crane Operator

Instagram: @cameron_dunne

Cameron DunnePhoto from Instagram.

Jake Edwards, 32

Turbo hotty, ex-AFL player and a mental health charity CEO. He has it all, and we want it all.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Charity CEO

Instagram: @jake_edwards_official

Jake EdwardsPhoto from Instagram.

James Susler, 44

Money, money, money. James is a luxury car dealer with a penchant for spending, and is a divorced dad with three little bubs. He also describes himself as a “cheeky chappy”, and I hate that, but go off, king.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Luxury Car Dealer

Instagram: @jamessusler

James SuslerPhoto from The Wash.

Jason Engler, 35

Handsome, confident and OMG THAT DOGGG!! I just want the little pup to be waiting down the MAFS 2021 aisle beside Jason, or else I am rioting.

Location: Brisbane

Job: Construction Estimator

Instagram: @jasonengler_

Jason EnglerPhoto from Instagram.

Patrick Dwyer, 27

I’m a simple man, I read personal trainer and I think ‘hot’. From trailers, we already know that Dwyer is loveable and always-smiling, so if this doesn’t work out for him, I can be single.

Location: Melbourne

Job: F45 Personal Trainer

Instagram: @patrickdwyer_official

Patrick DwyerPhoto from Instagram.

Samuel Carraro, 32

He’s cute AF, he’s starting off his own clothing brand (which is sure to pop off when the show starts), and he’s ready to find MAFS 2021 love! Go show his brand new business some love.

Location: Melbourne

Job: Construction / Clothing Brand Owner

Instagram: @samcarraro7 / @grouse_mouse

Samuel CarraroPhoto from Instagram.

Russell, 37

Maybe Instagram just isn’t his game, but there isn’t much we know about Russell apart from the fact he’s an Adelaide mechanic. Something tells me we won’t get too much drama or tea coming from his end.

Location: Adelaide

Job: Diesel Mechanic

Instagram: ???

RussellPhoto from Nine.

So there they all are. Tune in to Nine tonight for the premiere of MAFS 2021, and make sure you head to PEDESTRIAN.TV after it airs for our very first recap of the season!