Mac Users Now Have Access To E-Tax

In a move that can only be described as perfunctory, The ATO will introduce Mac-compatible software for DIY tax returns this July. Perfunctory many moons ago, that is. Because, for fifteen ghastly yearse-tax was a privilege mediated exclusively by a Windows operating system. While Gartner estimated that only 16.8 per cent of all personal computers sold in Australia in the first three months of this year were Macs, demand is still obviously rampant, on account of our population reaching 23 million last month.

This turn of events, however, abolishes the archaic standards. The Tax Office has reportedly spent $5.2 million to enable Apple Mac users to lodge their tax returns online this year.

No more H&R block or borrowing a work acquaintance’s Toshiba, if you don’t want.

Title Image via e-tax