I know that you might find this hard to believe, but our government has once again managed to underestimate the number of people using a service that they ask pretty much everyone in the country to use at a specific time.

In a hugely shocking turn of events, the ATO website was brought down this evening as people flocked to do their tax returns. In their defence, there was no way they could have known that a lot of people would have chosen now, the start of the new financial year, to do their tax returns. No way at all.

In a memo to staff, ATO assistant commissioner Jonathon Thorpe said the system had been taken offline on purpose to fix some shit they had going on:

“We are aware some internal and external systems have been experiencing intermittent issues.

“In order to resolve these issues, we have taken our systems offline for a short time.”

The ABC is reporting that the “issues” they were experiencing were not (as the census issues were originally claimed to be) the result of a cyber attack, but due to the volume of users. Hoo boy.

It’s back up now, if you’re hankering to do some tax filing.

Source: ABC.

Photo: Little Britain.