Lupita Nyong’o Brought Back Her ‘Us’ Character To Freak People Out On Halloween


Visitors to Universal Studios‘ Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood got a little more than they bargained for this week, when Lupita Nyong’o herself showed up as her character from Us.

This year’s event featured a maze based on the holiday house and secret underground tunnel network from Jordan Peele‘s horror film, and punters were able to explore it.

They then came face to face with Lupita herself, when the Oscar-winning actress jumped out at them, in character as Red, and reactions were strong. You can see a video below:

Per the official event description:

“Jordan Peele’s new original nightmare comes to life when you follow in the footsteps of the Wilson Family as they face the ultimate opponent: themselves. You’ll freeze in terror and disbelief as you are hunted at every frightening turn by murderous doppelgängers — terrifying doubles of every American known as the “Tethered.” Having languished for generations throughout thousands of miles of abandoned underground tunnels, these human “copies” have organized, surfaced, and staged an uprising. You can run and you can hide, but you cannot escape the Tethered version of yourself.”

Lupita also shared videos from the event on her own Instagram, and while scaring people looked like a blast, she said “that is definitely my last horror film.”