Luptia Nyong’o Has A ‘Game Of Thrones’ / ‘Us’ Theory That’ll Wrinkle Your Brain

Strap on your thinking caps, folks. It’s theory time. While Game of Thrones has sent fans into a frenzy of digging and diving and theorising and positing, we’re still not fully done with picking apart Jordan Peele‘s immensely good Us, either. And as far as Lupita Nyong’o is concerned, the two share a common thread that link them together far tighter than you may think.

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Turns out the incredibly good star of Us has a pretty iron-clad theory connecting The Tethered to GoT‘s White Walkers, and not just in the sense that “they both a bit creepy.”

Nyong’o took to Twitter earlier this morning to lay her theory bare, and honestly? It holds water.

That said, Nyong’o was at pains to point out several key differences between the two; equal and opposite, like two sides of a perfectly matched coin.

In case you missed any of that, it goes:


  1. They come in silence, but not in peace
  2. They won’t stop until they kill everybody
  3. They wear block colours
  4. They have a signature weapon
  5. Their death stare does half the job
  6. Their leaders could use some edge tamer
  7. They could all use a drink of water and better dietary options


  1. The Tethered don’t send out Save-The-Dates, they make surprise visits
  2. The Tethered are about that fire, while White Walkers prefer ice
  3. The Tethered are friends of PETA, White Walkers not so much

Fair play to it, that’s a solid theory. Very few stones left unturned.

Nyong’o seems to think so too.

Don’t bloody reckon!