Gruesome Footage From Luca Guadagnino’s New Movie Is Making People Gag

After the stratospheric mega-hit which was Call Me By Your Name, director Luca Guadagnino had an illustrious career laid out before him of directing sprawling, sensitive drama pieces. But, much to our delight, he decided what he would do instead is direct a remake of legendary horror flick Suspiria for Amazon. The distributor gave a little sneak peek to attendees of CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and well… people were suitably disturbed.

Hold up: if you’ve not seen the original Suspiria, I recommend you do so – along with the rest of Dario Argento‘s output. It’s a masterpiece of horror with a genuinely unique and nearly unsurpassed use of colour. It’s also, in the true Italian giallo style, very bloody.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that tweets from attendees at this particular screening found the content somewhat challenging to their intestinal fortitude. Here’s how Variety described the scene in question, which has not been released publicly:

The scene finds Dakota Johnson practicing ballet at a creepy dance company.

Every pirouette she pulls off has gruesome consequences for a dancer in another studio — as Johnson practices, the other young woman is literally ripped apart, descending into a mess of broken bones, urine, spittle, and blood. It’s intense, to put it mildly.

And here’s how the people actually in the trenches of this screening described it:

Sounds like a faithful remake, and perhaps a wonderful way for Guadagnino to preemptively smash any conceptions that he might go the easy route and direct lovely queer romances for the rest of his career.

Suspiria lands later this year.