The Long-Awaited Reunion On Tonight’s ‘GoT’ Has Ramped Up The Feels

This season of everyone’s favourite stress-inducing serialised fantasy series is really ripping along, ain’t it? No more of this dragging shit out excruciatingly over several episodes; instead, we’ve got major battles happening in episode 2, a speedboat-equipped Jon Snow (how’d he get down there so fast?!) and a long-awaited Stark kid reunion that went… well, about as well as this bastard of a show could, considering how well it’s treated the Starks so far.

Yep, Bran and his loyal sled-puller Meera have finally made it from beyond the wall all the way to Winterfell, where Acting Queen in the North Sansa has been struggling to keep her balance, what with all the eye-rolling at Littlefinger she’s been doing.

Their reunion has been coming since literally the first episode of this wonderful, dreadful show, and it was… well, it was kinda creepy, to be honest. Bran’s whole Three-Eyed Raven jag has really done a number on his fun-loving personality, huh?

And he’s also being… I dunno, a helluva lot more cryptic than he really needs to be.

That being said, it really is just so nice to see two of the Stark kids getting to hang out with each other again. After everything they’ve been through…