Lindsay Lohan’s Oprah-Endorsed Reality Series Gets A Start Date

I’m not going to lie: I’m going all-in on the Lindsay Lohan reality tv series, The LiLo Show: Questionable Redemption. Firstly, THAT TITLE. Secondly, this isn’t the kind of startletsploitation we’ve come to expect – and, in my case, compulsively watch for extensive brain-deteriorating binges – from the likes of MTV and Bravo; it’s being enabled, bankrolled and spiritually guided by the High Priestess of Introspection, Oprah herself, so you know she’s going to put Lindsay and her life under the microscope – warts and all. Finally, you have to admit that as celebrities go, there is something undeniably fascinating about Lindsay Lohan. The graph mapping her career trajectory has so many spikes and troughs it looks like the electro-dermal activity on Lance Armstrong’s lie detector test. Plus Lindsay’s awful sounding ‘stage family’ situation, and her authentic little girl lost quality make it difficult not to root for her.

Now, finally, The LiLo Show: Questionable Redemption has an air date! The first episode will be screened in the US by Winfrey’s OWN network on Thursday, March 9, and knowing the ratings-value of a redemption story – however temporary the redemptive behaviour might be [see Ben Cousins; Matthew Newton] – the Australian television networks will be clamouring to get the fast-track rights to the 8-part series.

Via NY Mag