Lindsay Lohan And A Lion Ooshie Costume Dominate ‘The Masked Singer’ Trailer

Reality television and talent shows are at their best when they revel in the ridiculous. Forget the industrial extraction of sob stories from middling talents; what Australian audiences deserve is balls-to-the-wall insanity. The first teaser for The Masked Singer appears to show just that.

Stunningly, the appearance of Lindsay Lohan as a tenured judge is not the most baffling part of the show.

[jwplayer u2a2Lr5L]

The concept, lifted from the original Korean hit, disguises vocalists in ostentatious costumes and asks audiences to guess which voices are coming from a technicolour spider or what looks like a Woolworths Simba Ooshie.

The appeal is not in the music – it’s in the guesswork. Each song is intended to be heard once and only once, as a set-up for a weirdly cruel punchline. It’s efficient, it’s mad, and as the office’s resident Eurovision stan, I am keen to watch folks debase themselves for our entertainment.

The Masked Singer will pop up on Channel 10 soon.