When word got out that Lindsay Lohan had dogged her guest appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention? to go for a dip in the ocean, we just assumed that she couldn’t be assed giving up a day at the beach for some local yokel game show, but it turns out her reasoning might’ve been much greater than that.

According to The Herald Sun, the Hollywood HBIC had her people send in a bunch of off-limit topics ahead of her guest appearance.

These were the subjects that were a big no-no for the comedians to raise on the show, according to panelist Sam Pang:

  • Paris Hilton (lol)
  • Her dating life
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Her many, many arrests
  • The MTV Beach Club shitshow

I’m betting LiLo backed out ‘coz she was nervy that the comics would bring up one of the many above embarro topics that she didn’t want discussed on national telly now that she has a ~sQuEaKy ClEaN~ image.

Her latest drama follows reports that her ciggy breaks have been disrupteding filming on The Masked Singer.

Her co-host Dave Hughes made the revelation on his radio show Hughesy & Kate.

“The discussion was had: ‘Let’s start, we don’t know how long Lindsay’s going to be’,” he recalled. “We thought maybe she’s not going to come back!” he said.

She also came under fire for washing her hair in the ocean as hair products are a danger to the ocean and its wildlife.

Never stop being you, Linds, you spicy old minx.