Like Sand Through The Hourglass, Commercial TV’s Popularity Is Slippin’

A new Roy Morgan poll has determined a massive decline in people who watch commercial television, especially the younger generations.

“The number of Australians who claim they don’t watch any commercial TV on weekdays has now risen to 14.9%, compared with just 6.9% seven years ago. 

The finding comes from new Roy Morgan research which claims that the largest demographics reporting to not to watch commercial TV are those under 35 years of age.”
The poll itself even said that commercial television is starting to look positively neanderthal next to SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand, e.g. Netflix, Stan, Presto etc.):
“Commercial TV is now unable to reach around a fifth of all 14-34 year-olds, and the trend looks set to continue. In another seven years, it might well be a third. Already the very idea of ‘seeing what’s on TV’ at a particular time is beginning to seem a little archaic next to the massive libraries of niche, personally appealing content ready—by definition—on demand.”
And while your internal monologue (and external too, probably) is yelling, ‘OMG DUH’ – please keep in mind that to some older generations, this is actually shocking news. 
The other day, Head of Programming at Channel 10, Beverley McGarvey, defended the fact that Aussies had to wait 6 days for the brand new episodes of The X-Files, and also said that she didn’t believe people would illegally download or stream it due to the wait: “I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask people to wait six days,” she said to mUmbrella.
While people under the age of 35 are laughing their fkn bollocks off over this hugely ignorant and just downright silly statement, we have to recognise that there are legitimately people who actually believe this. 
They are honestly out there, probably still believing ~the Internet~ is passing fad and hanging out with flat-Earth truthers like Tila Tequila and B.O.B.
Where as the younger generations are all:
Alright, you get our point: we gonna make like Kanye West and  (from which, coincidentally, he released singles of via streaming service Soundcloud, which meant that it was available to millions of people worldwide instantly. ISN’T TECHNOLOGY JUST AMAZING.)