Miley Cyrus Says Liam Hemsworth Is “Not Well” As He Recovers In Hospital

Miley Cyrus

Actor Liam Hemsworth has reportedly been hospitalised due to kidney stones, Us Weekly reports.

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The Aussie star’s new bride Miley Cyrus made the announcement during the world premiere of Hemsworth’s movie Isn’t It Romantic where she attended on his behalf.

“My man’s not well,” the singer told the publication. “I’m representing for him.”

“He’s down. He’s not feeling well right now,” Cyrus told Variety. “He just had some health things, and I think that’s most important [because] entertainers, we have a really hard time taking care of ourselves.”

Miley also revealed that she had not seen the film prior to the premiere, but she “heard he’s just so funny in it.” She then called Hemsworth “the funniest person I ever met” before joking that she only showed up because she “already had the dress” custom-made by Maison Valentino.

Hemsworth’s co-star Adam Devine also discussed his condition during the premiere.

“I texted with him a little bit … poor guy,” Devine told Us Weekly. “I know he’s in a lot of pain and it really sucks what he’s going through, ‘cause I know that he would want to be here and he’s a really fun guy to have around. I’m really bummed about it.”

Rebel Wilson revealed last week that her co-star went to hospital overnight, though at the time she did not disclose why.

A source later confirmed to Us Weekly that the actor “was suffering from kidney stones” and was unable to promote his film or support Cyrus as she performed at the Grammy Awards.