Lewis Capaldi Was Mistaken For A Grammys Seat-Filler Which Is The Most Lewis Capaldi Thing

Of all the people at the Grammys to be mistaken for a rent-a-crowd seat-warmer, of course, it had to be Lewis CapaldiThere’s literally nobody else that this would happen to, and there’s nobody else that would turn around and laugh about it and take it in their stride as much as my favourite Scottish treasure.

While enjoying his first outing at the music industry’s night of nights, where he was casually up for Song Of The Year for ‘Someone You Loved’, Lewis was apparently approached by a woman who offered to take his seat, because she thought he was a seat-filler for a celebrity who had nicked off to the loo.

A simple misunderstanding, really. Could have happened to anyone.

Seat-fillers are not an uncommon thing – apparently, the Grammys and other high-end awards ceremonies have been using them for donkey’s years. It’s to keep the place looking full when someone has to duck off to the toot or have to be on stage for a performance, so that’s why some crowd shots look like it’s full of regular schmucks cosying up to the big-name celebs.

Omg WHAT! I know right?!?!?

Lewis, in true Lewis Capaldi fashion, was dressed pretty casually for the event, and with his probably-unbrushed hair and delightfully gentle face that’s fit to be the world’s sweetheart and shitposter, so I can almost forgive the fact that this poor lass thought he was a rent-a-crowd. He certainly doesn’t hold himself in the same regard as some of his peers, and definitely doesn’t go all-out in his awards kit.

All the bloke wants is a pint at the bar and maybe schmooze with some music friends, and maybe pose for some red carpet photos like so:

Maybe do some live-tweeting from the dunnies before the awards began:

And for those playing at home, yes he got his pint at the bar after the Grammys, got sung at by Camila CabelloShawn Mendes, and Niall Horan, and ended up having a schmooze and/or casual snog with both Niall Horan and YUNGBLUD – a divinely inspired evening all round. I simply must continue to stan.