Look, the Scottish are known for their banter, that’s a fact. And it turns out that no matter how successful and famous you are, you still maintain that inherent knack for being absurdly hilarious. Maybe it’s the accent or the fact that no Scot whatsoever seems to simply give a shit, but singer Lewis Capaldi 100% maintains that image and I for one am deeply thankful for it.

A video recently surfaced of the 22-year-old lad getting all chuffed about hitting #1 in the album charts with his debut record, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, and he proceeded to flip off records of bands like The Killers and LCD Soundsystem.

Which got me thinking, pretty much everything that Lewis Capaldi posts online is really fucking funny. Does he have a media manager? Who knows! Who even gives a shit at this point! Let the man do whatever he pleases because it’s working.

Now, please join me as I present to you observational evidence as to why Lewis Capaldi is a funny fucker, who should be cherished and protected at all costs.

1. His Guest Shift At Greggs Sandwich Shop

That impromptu gig outside where he led everyone to sing “I love Greggs” is inspired and is just cooked enough for you to wonder who let him get into a recording studio.

2. The Sunglasses

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it’s ladies night, oh what a night ????‍♀️

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4. When He Looked Up His Net-Worth

5. Trying To Clear Up Imposters On Tinder

6. Supporting Small Businesses

7. Embracing His New-Found Fame With New Clothes

8. The Moment He Learned He Was #1 In The UK

9. When He Went To Hollywood & Had A Toilet Issue

10. Dealing With NSFW Noisy Neighbours

11. Getting Mentally Prepared For The Brit Awards

12. His Never-Ending Shit And Also Bum Chat


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shite content x

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Even at bloody Splendour In The Grass, eh?

12. Fact-Checking His Own Bio

13. His Response To Porno Accounts Following Him On Twitter

14. Moments Of Wondering If He’s Fucked It All Up Entirely

At the end of the day, Lewis Capaldi truly is an artisté, and should be enshrined in Glasgow‘s town hall or something. Or at least on the mantle at Scottish Banter.

I also wish to be his friend please and also, thank you.

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