These Pics Of Leo DiCaprio Being Hit In The Face By A Volleyball Are Basically ‘Titanic 2’

Fame, prestige, awards, goodwill among the science community, fat vape clouds: none of these things can save a man from being pelted in the face by a fresh volleyball. This is a lesson Leonardo DiCaprio had to learn the hard way, as demonstrated by photos from his recent Malibu getaway.

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Gossipmongers Page Six and TMZ report that the Oscar-winner was playing a simple game of punch-the-thing-over-the-net with mates over the weekend when his clasped hands missed the ball, resulting in a facial impact.

Paparazzi images from the scene reveal DiCaprio was hanging out with Robin Thicke (?) and someone who looks like Dragon Ball Z‘s Master Roshi (???) when it happened, only adding to the overall ambiance of the sporting mishap.

An official Twitter account for the USA volleyball association also latched on to the images, presenting them as a classic example of being absolutely rocked by a bag of air.

There’s no other real lesson to be learned here, other than the fact baseball observers believe his Mets cap may have played into his bad luck. One thing we can all agree on: he got hit in face by ball. Ball hit him good.