Clear Your Arvo: Leo’s Climate Change Doco ‘Before The Flood’ Is On YouTube

Leonardo DiCaprio is at a point in his career where he can do whatever the heck he likes, so it’s just as well he’s used his colossal influence to throw together a documentary on climate change.

Before The Flood’s title riffs on ol’ mate Noah’s experience saving wildlife from rising waters, and look, the film itself aims for that same biblical scale. We know this because the fine folks over at National Geographic have uploaded the entire film to YouTube, and it’s available to watch right this second.

The feature hits on a number of familiar topics – our society’s continual reliance on fossil fuels, political decisions keeping that reliance in place, the benefits of weaning ourselves off mass-produced meat – but direction from The Cove‘s Fisher Stevens lends those facts a new urgency.

Oh, hearing Leo narrate the whole deal doesn’t hurt, either. Check it out below, before it vanishes. Much like the polar ice caps, tbh:

For what it’s worth, we’re so ready for DiCaprio to pull a full Attenborough.

Source: National Geographic / YouTube.