‘LEGO Masters’ Cuties Miller & Kaitlyn, Who Dated Secretly On The Show, Are Still Together

LEGO Masters

If you needed something cute to cheer you up this weekend, then here’s a little PSA for you: Kaitlyn Lee and Miller Keyes, who met while they were on opposing team on LEGO Masters, are still together, and are still being seriously adorable on Instagram.

The pair met while filming the first season of the show, and surprised their team-mates when they revealed that they were a couple. They confirmed their relationship in an interview with TV Week last May, with Keyes saying:

“I liked Kaitlyn from the start, but had no idea she felt the same. I was just playing it cool I guess.”

He added:

“We kept hanging out after Kaitlyn got eliminated [but] just as friends. Then [fellow LEGO Masters contestant] Cade sent me a text saying, ‘Dude, she’s into you!’”

He told WHO Magazine that there was some confusion around the start of their relationship, saying:

“We went out on a few dates but it was still kind of as friends. Then we went and had breakfast one day, and I kind of just leaned over the table and said, ‘Kaitlyn, I’ve just gotta get something out the way. I just want to make sure… Is this… Is this a date?’ ‘And she kind of said, ‘I don’t know. Is it?’ and I said, ‘I guess it is now?!”

The pair have been together since then. Lee said she clicked with him from the start, adding:

“I found he was always really fun to be around and we were always laughing and have a good time. We could always find something to talk about. I guess having the mutual love of LEGO and games, it was easy to hang out with him.”

The two celebrated their one-year anniversary last December, and posted a series of very cute pics from a Europe trip:

The couple still appear to be going strong, and this is certainly the wholesome content we need in these troubled times.