Leaked Emails Claim Meghan Markle Served Big Ol’ Joints At Her First Wedding

There have been many murmurings surrounding Meghan Markle since she became part of the royal family. She and Kate Middleton are rumoured to be all up in each other’s grills, the Palace staff aren’t thrilled with their new employer, and amongst it all the occasional claim that Markle likes the ganja. Newly leaked emails may be the proof we were waiting for, kind of. I mean it’s one of those things we don’t really care about but we’re still going to click the headline.

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Rumours first surfaced of Markle serving weed to wedding guests at her first wedding when her estranged father and all-round stand up guy did that thing where he tried to grab his 15 minutes of fame by throwing his daughter under the bus and telling media allll about it.

But now one of those guests has done her a further solid by sharing emails she sent out prior to her Jaimacan destination wedding to first hubby Trevor Engelson in 2011.

According to The Sun, the emails reveal her plans, even that she’d bought a particular type of weed when a mate responded with the suggestion. “Already ordered ’em. And teeny ones for the pot that say ‘shh’.” Apparently she even personally ordered pretty little gift bags to glitz up the whole affair.

So yeah, the whole thing is undeniably illegal, especially for the possession laws at the time, and to be perfectly frank a bloody stupid idea when you’re kind of famous and you’re friends are kind of shit. Or at any time really if you don’t want to face the law.

However. Who amongst you hasn’t done something kind of stupid in your own past? Admittedly you’re unlikely to be a Princess now, but still it’s kind of a baller move and I say we just leave her alone now. Plus she’s got Royal representation so it’s not like the law is going to be able to get her for it.