Uhhh Come Again? Lea Michele Once Got A Desk Lamp And Showed Jonathan Groff Her ‘Whole Vagina’

lea michele jonathan groff whole vagina spring awakening

Well, apparently Jonathan Groff knows his former Glee co-star Lea Michele on a near-biblical level. As in he once saw her “whole vagina” while they were working on the coming-of-age musical Spring Awakening together in 2006.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michele and Groff talk about the ad-hoc anatomy lesson in a new HBO documentary about the Broadway musical called Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known.

“Jonathan and I became so close. We were so intertwined,” she said.

“At one point, I literally showed him my whole vagina.”

After she said made this baffling admission, Groff backed it up and confirmed it did in fact happen.

Apparently, sweet Groff — who was 21 and not yet publicly out with his sexuality at the time — was curious about how things worked down there. So coming to realise he probably wouldn’t get up close and personal himself, he did the next best thing and asked Michele if she’d show him what’s what.

“He was like, ‘I’ve never seen a woman’s vagina before. Would you show me?’ And I was like, ‘Sure.’

“And I took a desk lamp… and showed him. That’s how close we are.”

I like to imagine that Lea just popped a foot up on a table and went into a deep lunge with a lamp up near there, just pointing out all the different parts of her bits and curious Jonathan is leaning in for a good squiz with a mystified look on his face.

It’s not the only thing that went on between Groff and Michele “behind closed doors” while they were working on the deeply horny musical together. And it hasn’t been until they’ve been able to reminisce on it with the new documentary that they’ve felt comfortable publicly sharing it.

“With that level of comfortability came a story of just what goes on behind closed doors between me and Jonathan Groff,” she said.

“That’s only one of them. There’s a lot of other things. That was like, a Thursday.”

Theatre kids, man. They’re so strange.