Netflix Announces Sydney Mardi Gras Float Ft. Stacks Of Your Queer Faves


A bunch of queer Netflix stars (and actors who sensitively portray queer people on television) are coming to Mardi Gras for the 40th anniversary.

You know – just in case Mardi Gras wasn’t already shaping up to be in-fucking-credible with Cher performing, now we have Big Boo and Taystee from Orange on the New Black on a float.

OITNB stars Danielle Brookes (Taystee), Lea Delaria (Big Boo) and Aussie Yael Stone (Morello) will be there, as will 13 Reasons Why stars Christian Navarro (who plays queer character Tony) and Alisha Boe (Jessica), along with Mindhunter‘s Jonathan Groff, who is openly gay.

“What up Sydney, we are coming down for Mardi Gras!” said Brookes in the announce video, looking like the most joyous person to have ever existed.

“I haven’t gotten my outfit yet, but I will have one soon,” promised Groff.

“Look for me on the Netflix float! I can’t wait,” says Delaria, who turns around to the very yonic painting behind her. “Does that look like a vagina?” It totally does.

SEE YOU THERE SYDNEY. Also low-key, stay tuned for another big announcement re: Netflix stars and Mardi Gras….