Laura & Emilia Shared A Wholesome Embrace On MasterChef Tonight & Ahh, Remember Hugs?

emilia laura hug

The winner of MasterChef: Back To Win has officially been crowned in our first ever socially-distant finale and boy, it was a weird sight.

Emilia ultimately took out the top prize, narrowly beating our pasta queen Laura, who also put up a bloody good fight after sustaining a nasty burn.

In previous seasons, the winning moment is filled with hugs and kisses and tears galore, but Back To Win was filmed smack-bang in the middle of coronavirus, so it was slightly less cuddly.

Ultimately, the final two did sneak a ~maybe~ illegal hug. Look, I’m not going to condone breaking the law, but it did give me the warm fuzzies inside.

After months of keeping our distance, it was nice to see such a heartwarming moment play out on TV.

And to make it even better, our boy Khanh later confirmed that they didn’t actually break the law because they were living together at the time of filming and therefore didn’t need to socially distance from each other.

Thankfully, that means we get to enjoy this heartwarming moment without feeling guilty about breaking the law.

But even if they did break the law, and get fined for it, they’ve at least got nearly $300,000 collectively to play for it.

Or maybe they’re both cake, and therefore can’t contract the dreaded coronavirus.