Lamar Odom Says He Threatened To Kill Khloé Kardashian For Embarrassing Him

Lamar Odom released his new memoir Darkness to Light today which features some shocking details about his marriage to Khloé Kardashian.

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In one chapter, Lamar recalls “forcefully” grabbing his then-wife and threatening her, saying the incident is “the most regrettable moment” of his entire life.

Lamar said he was high on drugs at the time and got upset with Khloé for coming into his room, screaming, “You trying to embarrass me in front of my friends? I’ll fucking kill you! You don’t know what I’m capable of!”

He also discussed the moment during an interview with GMA, saying, “I’m pretty sure she had to be scared at that point in time. I’m thinking about it now, like, I couldn’t believe how I was treating that queen like that.”

He goes on to say he hasn’t apologised to Khloé for the incident but admits he owes an apology to both her and her family.

Meanwhile a Kardashian insider told Us Weekly that Khloé “hasn’t read” Lamar’s book, and another insider says she and her family are “not worried” about it.

Khloé and Lamar got married in 2009 and Khloé was in the process of filing for divorce during Lamar’s drug overdose in 2015. She put their split on hold until 2016 so she could act as his caretaker but later finalised their divorce.