Lady Gaga Gifted Herself An ‘A Star Is Born’ Tatt For Valentine’s Day

As we have said a million times, Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day exclusively for couples. Celebrate with your friends! Use it as a day to rid your life of shitty people! Get some self-care going, like Lady Gaga over here. The A Star Is Born phenomenon gifted herself a whole damn tattoo on the Day of Love, and yes – it’s a tribute to that movie that’s skyrocketed her to legend status.

[jwplayer 4FeQmkjm]

Gaga unveiled the very delicate tatt on Instagram this morning – a long-stemmed rose to honour the song her character Ali sings early on in the film, garnering the attention of Jackson (played by Bradley Cooper). The rose is accompanied by the title of the song, just in case anyone didn’t get it, I guess?

The song means more to Gaga than just a film reference – Cooper saw Gaga singing the French hit at a fundraiser, and her performance was a deciding factor in casting her as Ali. Makes sense she’d want to memorialise it on her bod, right?

Gaga also got some music notes done on V Day, joking about how her tatt artist and friend, expert in fine-line tattoo artistry Daniel Winter, had forgotten the fifth staff line after a few too many beverages. The moral of this story is never drunk-tattoo, but if you are going to drunk-tattoo, make sure a friend is the one doing it so you don’t get mad when they fuck it up.

Never change, Gaga.