Attention, Fame Monsters and every other human being caught in the gravitational pull of James Corden’s immense pop-cultural clout: Lady Gaga has announced herself as the latest pop juggernaut to carpool and, uh, sing karaoke with the omnipresent talk show host. 

Taking to Twitter to break the news, the Perfect Illusion belter displayed her latter-day fondness of broad-brimmed hats next to her jovial chauffeur. 

Her appearance on that runaway success of a late-night bit comes just after notable eps by Michelle Obama and Apple’s Tim Cook, both of whom surprised Corden with their own famous stowaways. 

Missy Elliott and Pharrell respectively popped out of the back seat on those journeys, so hopefully we get to see Gaga’s zoned-out studio collaborator Kevin Parker contribute his psychedelic warble to their three-part harmony.

There’s no date for the episode juuust yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Hopefully the new episode actually ditches the SUV and opts for those wild Gaga-choppers from her Born This Way album cover. 

Lady Gaga Is Next In Line For James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Treatment

Source and photo: @ladygaga / Twitter.