While each Kardashian-Jenner is unique in her own way, you cannot deny that there’s a definite family resemblance, so much so that even they struggle to tell each other apart.

Youngest sis Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a photo from a Kylie Cosmetics shoot and people were shook at how much she looks like older sister Khloé Kardashian, including Khloé herself.

After Koko wrote “Khloé ?? Is that you?” and “When did I do this shoot?” on the post, Jenner deleted the image.

Credit: Instagram

But lucky for us thirsty fans, the pic is still live on the Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram page.

I literally have so many gosh darn questions about this photo and I demand answers immediately.

Summertime Fine ???? the summer collection drops this FRIDAY! We can’t wait!

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First of all, is it me or were Kylie’s facial features cropped onto a different face?

Second of all, there’s no doubt Jenner has a ~voluptuous~ body, but she seems bustier in this pic than usual.

And also, the beauty boss literally never wears her hair in that style, meanwhile Khlo is known for the blonde wet lewk.


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Ya just know something’s suss when even Khloè smells a rat. Kylie, pls explain? Or are ya too busy being a hot shit business lady?

ICYMI: Kylie graces the new cover of Forbes magazine where it’s announced that she’s set to unseat Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest self-made billionaire, male or female, in history.

According to the feature, Kylie Cosmetics, which was founded by Jenner three years ago, has clocked in more than $630 million in sales.

Currently worth $900 million (knocking big sis Kim Kardashian off the top slot with an estimated $350 million), she is on track to hit the billion-dollar mark within the next year.

So sorry Khlo, Kylie doesn’t have time to answer your mistaken identity queries.

You’ll have to take it up with her assistant.

Image: Instagram