Khloe Kardashian Shows No Mercy To A Twitter Troll Who Said True Is “Not Cute”

Unsolicited advice on Khloe Kardashian‘s tumultuous relationship has been met with a frosty response from the reality star so why some fool thought she’d take insults aimed at her baby lightly is BEYOND me.

In a now-protected tweet, one of Kardashian’s many, many followers wrote that 3-month-old True Thompson is “not cute at all.”

Naturally, Koko’s mama bear instincts kicked in and she fired back at the nasty troll with the following angry ass tweet:

The Revenge Body host also responded to a fan who called the tweeter “vile,” saying, “She’s a loser for that. No respect for people like that. People are entitled to their own feelings but why on earth would you tweet that and if you must why would you tag me?”

Kardashian also came for a fan who commented on a video suggesting that she was holding her boyfriend Tristan Thompson hostage and that he couldn’t leave the house without her after the whole cheating debacle.

“Just put him on an ankle monitor sis,” they wrote. Cop her livid response below:

Her Twitter rampage comes just weeks after she responded to a fan who questioned her decision to stay with her cheating NBA star BF after footage surfaced that proved he had cheated.

Khloe was quick to clap back at this Queen Persia character, telling her that she has “no knowledge” of what’s going down in the reality star’s relationship.

Going forward, ya might wanna tone it down with the harsh Khloe-related tweets ‘coz she sees them, she isn’t okay with them and she ain’t afraid to clap back at them.