Kyle Sandilands Has Named & Shamed His Celebrity Mates For The Gifts They Gave At His Wedding

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has spilled some juicy deets about his lavish gift haul from his wedding, and right now, I’m jotting down notes on who to invite to my future nuptials.

ICYMI: Australia basically had its own version of a royal wedding three weeks ago.

From pop culture icons like Guy Sebastian to political figures such as the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese — famous people from all over gathered to witness the holy matrimony of Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston.

But now that the celebrations are over, on Wednesday morning, Kyle and his co-host Jackie O did a wedding gift breakdown during their brekky show on KIIS 106.5. It’s also worth noting that throughout the haul, the pair shared an estimate of what each gift cost and that Kyle supposedly asked his wedding guests not to bring any pressies.

TBH, If I was at that wedding and my name, gift and cost were read out to the whole of Australia, I’d probably be mortified. Literally, all of these gifts on this list cost more than my monthly grocery shop.

The pair kicked off the haul with the “celebrities people would know off”, and of course, they started with Guy Sebastian and his wife, Jules Sebastian.

Source: Instagram / @guysebastian

Sandilands said: “First of all, don’t forget, Guy gifted multiple performances for free.”

The radio host went on to guesstimate that hiring Sebastian for a song or two would cost an easy $100k. If I had the money, I would definitely pay that much to hear “Angels Brought Me Here” live.

Sandilands revealed that the pair gifted him a set of luxurious glasses. “They [the crystal glasses] only come in these big, beautiful, long glasses. Like you drink Coca-Cola in. Waterford Crystal, and boxes and boxes because they only come in two in a box. A whole bag full of these boxes must be about 10 glasses in there.”

The radio pair then guessed that Guy and Jules’ gift must’ve cost $1,500 plus the $100k in free performances.

Next up on the gift list was TV presenter Karl Stefanovic and his wife, Jasmine Stefanovic.

Kyle Sandilands wedding
Source: Instagram / @Kyleandjackieo

Sandilands revealed that the pair got him and Kynaston a set of Waterford Champagne crystal flutes that cost around $3,000 to $4,000. “That’s what I expect from the Stefanovics,” Sandilands said.

Not to out myself as someone who has no clue about the bad and boujee lifestyle, but I didn’t know that Waterford Crystals was until Sandilands dropped this gift haul. But at least I know now for my future registry if I want something a little ~fancy~.

The radio host moved on to Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim‘s gift, which he revealed was a mysterious yellow envelope.

Source: Instagram / @KyleandJackieO

“Drugs,” Jackie O joked, but Sandilands quickly shut her down.

“If you watch the TV shows, you know the envelopes are for the cash,” the newlywed said.

Sandilands revealed that the envelope contained $10,000. Ugh, my bank account is screaming!!!

Unfortunately for his next celeb mate, Beau Ryan, he was outed for giving the newlyweds a cheaper gift.

The shock jock shared that Ryan had gifted him a Vera Wang red wine decanter, which was said to cost $300, but at the time of the registry, it was reportedly on sale for $224.

Although Jackie and everyone else laughed, I thought it was a brilliant bang for ya buck!

Good job, Beau! Sandilands also mentioned that his wife loves red wine, so it truly is a perfect gift.

Source: Instagram / @therealbeauryan

Sandilands FINALLY got to one of the gifts we’ve all been waiting to hear about. The gift from Albo.

Source: Instagram / @kyleandjackieo

The radio host spilled that Albo and the New South Wales Premier Chris Minns had given him a joint gift, which was a star in the galaxy that was re-named Otto, after Sandilands and Kynaston’s bébé.

Sandilands said: “I’ve got the certificate and everything. It shows on a map how to see your own star.”

“Yeah, you can buy those online super easy, just so you know,” Jackie O cackled. Look, I know he’s the PM and all, but I think a star named after your kiddo is so fucking wholesome.

Actually, that’s a great idea for my pug’s birthday… BRB buying a star!

Sandilands then spilled the beans on what his lovely co-host gifted him and his partner for their nuptials.

kyle sandilands wedding
Source: Instagram / @kyleandjackieo

“You gave us something that we love,” Sandilands said.

“A matching his and hers, monogrammed, Louis Vuitton travel luggage, each.” Ugh, Kyle is really out there living his rich girly lifestyle out here.

Sandilands revealed that they also received a Versace vase, marble cheeseboard, milk and sugar sets, and so much more. Unfortunately for Beau, he copped a lot of laughs and roasts for the price of his gift.

I’m not a ‘yuge fan of Mr Sandilands and his radio antics, but listening to his gift haul was quite interesting.

Kyle, if you’re reading this, if you don’t like any of the stuff that you got, send it my way! (Except for the star, you can keep that)