Kit Harington Of ‘Thrones’ Ejected From NYC Pub For Being Too Loose A Unit

Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington officially reached the end of his watch this week, when he was kicked out of a pub in New York City‘s Gramercy Park area for getting too rowdy with fellow patrons around a pool table.

Gossip monsters TMZ obtained a video of the incident, which occurred this past Friday evening at the venue Barfly. In it, the 31-year-old actor can be seen “banging on the table, grabbing at pool cues, and getting in peoples’ faces.”

At one point, he makes a blunder of trying to grab his coat, and at another, a woman can be heard telling him to “say excuse me” as he attempts to push past her.

According to a patron who was there, the actor was asked to leave the premises, but refused to bend the knee, and stumbled his way back inside before he was eventually removed for good.

You can see video of the event below:

To be fair, if this was your mate slurring “yeah cunce, I’ll go yez all” at strangers around a pool table, it would just be your average Friday night down the local tavern, but because it’s the star of the biggest shows in the world, here we are.

The long night is coming, and the hangover with it.