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Kit Harington and his Jon Snow hair have been spotted at Belfast airport, where the colder climate scenes of ‘Game of Thrones‘ is filmed.

Reported by Watchers on the Wall, a Game of Thrones community for all things GoT news, Harington and Tom Wlaschiha – who plays many faced assassin Jaqen H’ghar – were spotted on the flight.

Reader Lucy‘ snapped the pics and sent them in. Harington looks less than impressed.

Since [SPOILERS ARE COMING] Jon Snow was heartlessly killed off at the end of season five, YET was spotted at Wimbledon sporting Jon Snow’s trademark luscious dark locks. The world had zero chill.

And so it was that #HairWatch was born.

The cast reading for season six took place a few days ago. As filming is due to begin this week, ~everything is starting to fall into place~. Crosses all fingers and toes.

Possible conclusions: Jon Snow could be filming a funeral / flashback (very un-cannon); dark magic brings him back to life as an animated corpse (more cannon); he ain’t dead. 

Hopeful conclusions: he will emerge at the end of the series as King of Westeros and slay that little fucker Olly.

Unanswered questions: why is Jaqen H’ghar in the cold climate set locations (no, really, need answers here – never finished watching the fifth season); what was Kit’s thought process between waking that morning to deciding on a man bun?

via Watchers on the Wall