HBO Might Have Accidentally Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate Via A Toy Sale

In the aftermath of the June finale of Game Of Thrones, in which poor, handsome Jon Snow either did or did not meet his maker, fans have grasped desperately at straws about his possible return.

There was the time that actor Kit Harrington was spotted at Wimbledon in full Jon Snow hair and beard, leading many to believe that he would soon be filming more scenes in character.
Soon after, he was spotted arriving in Belfast, leading fans to speculate that he was reporting for duty on the Thrones set in a totally-not-dead-and-still-very-much-alive capacity.

Over the weekend, there came yet another clue to his fate, from none other than HBO themselves, who sent out an email about a toy sale called ‘Honour The Fallen: The Memoriam Collection ‘. 
The sale was basically an excuse for the network to palm off merchandise for dearly-departed Thrones characters. The sale included Joffrey, The Hound, Oberyn Martell, and … NOT A TRACE OF BLOODY JON SNOW WHATSOEVER.
Fans, of course, latched on to this omission straight away, holding it up as proof that Harrington’s character will indeed be returning at some point, and that #JonSnowLives.
While Game Of Thrones seldom gives us reason to hold out any hope, HBO must be rubbing their hands together with glee at Snow’s ambiguous fate, because it’s basically guaranteed them them blanket coverage from now until the new season commences.
HBO have, of course, not commented, because they’re going to prolong this as long as possible.
(The cold, dead eyes on this thing, tho).