Kim Kardashian’s True Crime Podcast Is #1 On The Charts, Surpassing Joe Rogan & Call Her Daddy

Kim Kardashian podcast The System topples Joe Rogan on charts

Kim Kardashian entered her true crime era, gagged everyone, buried them alive and left no witnesses — not literally of course, but with her new podcast. Which has now surpassed even infamous cranky turtle Joe Rogan on Spotify’s charts.

Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith is sitting at the top of Spotify’s daily podcast chart for both America and Australia — which is a pretty wild feat considering it launched only six days ago and there are just two episodes out.

In the US, the second most streamed podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience, followed by Meghan Markle‘s Archetypes in third place, Call Her Daddy in fourth place, and Huberman Lab in fifth place.

For Australia, it’s pretty similar. Kim still sits at the #1 spot, with Joe Rogan at #2 . However, for us, Call Her Daddy is #3 on the charts, followed by the Alpha Blokes Podcast (yikes) and then Archetypes in fifth place.

Kim Kardashian's The System tops Spotify chart
Top podcasts in Australia. Image source: Spotify

ICYMI, The System focuses on Kevin Keith, a man who was arrested and charged for a triple homicide in 1994.

Keith was convicted and put on death row within three months of the shooting, which claimed the lives of five-year-old Marchae Chatman, her mother Marichell Chatman and Marichell’s aunt, Linda Chatman.

The podcast investigates the lack of evidence tying Keith to the crime, despite the fact he has been imprisoned for 28 years over it. He and his family have maintained his innocence over the last decade, and now Kim is shining a light on the “wrongful” imprisonment.

“Over eight episodes, Kim and team will take a deep dive into the case, raise important questions, and try to shed light on a legal system that can often be deliberately puzzling,” the show’s description reads.

“Though it’s said, ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ was Kevin Keith really given a fair shot? Draw your own conclusions in this twisted, heartbreaking, and at times, unbelievable story.”

The podcast is available exclusively on Spotify if you wanna have a listen, and new episodes drop every Monday.

Who would’ve thought Kim Kardashian would add the true crime genre to her growing empire?