Here’s Kim Kardashian’s Full Kitchen Tour, Including A Pantry The Size Of My Fkn Apartment

kim kardashian fridge

It’s been a big day in Kim Kardashian fridge news. Yes, fridge news. It’s a thing.

First off, the reality star shared a snap of her near-empty fridge, which contained every different type of milk and honestly, not a lot else.

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It’s fucking empty. No fruits, no veggies, no left over pasta, nothing.

Does she have a personal chef who just delivers the food straight to her house? Does she not eat anything refrigerated?

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Thankfully, the reality star took to her Instagram stories to clear the whole thing up.

So basically, it turns out she’s got multiple fridges, freezers and pantries. You know, as you do when you’ve got an estimated net worth  $370 million, not including Kanye West’s money.

After walking into her first bedroom-sized pantry, where she keeps her various sprinkle options for her frozen yogurt machine, Kim shows off where the real loot is. No, her dozen tubs of different coloured sprinkles is NOT the “loot” I’m talking about.

kim kardashian fridge

She’s got her two near-empty drink fridges, then she’s got a commercial-sized walk-in fridge filled with organic fruits and vegetables.

Don’t worry folks, Kim Kardashian definitely eats. I’m not sure if she’s feeding a medium-sized family or a whole restaurant, but she’s sure got enough fridge space to stock up for any future zombie apocalypses or nuclear wars. Not to mention, she’s got another drink fridge filled with, you guessed it, more milk options.

kim kardashian fridge

Kim took the tour as an excuse to discuss her new plant-based lifestyle, showing off her various nut-milks and fresh produce. You can hate on her as much as you like, but at least we know that Kim and Kanye are feeding their kids a healthy, balanced diet filled with fresh ~organic~ fruits and vegetables.

But it doesn’t stop there.

She then walks into a separate room to show off her second pantry, which is in “the kitchen that [she] cooks in”, as opposed to what I can only assume is her *display* kitchen.

kim kardashian fridge

Maybe it’s a rich person thing. Maybe we’re all just a bunch of peasants who are actually using our display kitchens to cook in. GROSS.

So no, you don’t need to worry that Kim Kardashian is eating air. She’s got an extremely well-stocked fridge that would make anyone else’s look empty.