Kenny Powers Takes On Steve Jobs And Sells Sneakers

Kenny Powers returned to (laptop) screens last week with the first episode of the final season of Eastbound & Down screening on HBO in America. Aside from pitching for the Mermen, Powers also pitches running shoes for K-Swiss, who hired Danny McBride’s iconic character as the MFCEO (Motherfuckin’ Chief Executive Officer) of their brand last year, and who now appears in a five minute spot that rips off the late Steve Jobs’ similarly iconic Apple keynote addresses.

The clip is pretty “fuckin’” funny (I can say that because that’s an indirect quote) and spot on in terms of what it’s trying to achieve, featuring an MTV Cribs style lab tour, an interview with Bruce Lee, an animated gore-fest that looks like Family Guy meets Kill Bill and a lunar hot tub threesome. There’s brief mention of the shoes that promise to make you run as “fast as fuck” but they come across as secondary to what K-Swiss is actually trying to sell here: brand affiliation.

Yesterday was Jobs’ birthday, and it has only been three months since his passing, begging the inevitable question: too soon? Watch below: