Michael Fassbender Absolutely Nails It In The Incredibly Tense ‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer

There’s been 7 documentaries, 4 feature films, 1 short film, 1 stage play, 1 graphic novel, 14 biographies and 2 memoirs made about the life, times and eternal enigma that was Apple founder Steve Jobs. 

But not—until now—have any of them come close to giving Steve Jobs’ story the hype, cast and Sorkin-ified script it deserves. 

A Michael Fassbender + Danny Boyle + Aaron Sorkin equation was always going to = great things; today, the first full-length trailer of ‘Steve Jobs’, slated for release later this year, has arrived. And it’s unashamed Oscar bait at its absolute finest.

‘Steve Jobs’, based on Walter Isaacson‘s biography of the same name, is set entirely backstage—with flashbacks thrown in, it seems—at three separate Apple product launches. It ends in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, and also stars Seth Rogen (as Steve Wozniak), Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman) and Jeff Daniels (John Sculley). 

Watch below.