Kendall Jenner welcomed Architectural Digest into her Los Angeles pad and subsequently revealed some peen measurements plastered across one of her walls. Love that.

The X-rated art greeted us with its presence as we entered her sitting area, a place she uses to “meditate, chill out, zone out”, leading to the master bedroom.

The art-in-question, a neon light installation saying “22cm… circumference 20… diameter 4.5… glad to hear you’re a happy girl”, was created by English artist Tracey Emin.

As Jenner candidly explains to AD, the neon measurements supposedly belonged to that of Emin’s former partner.

“I got this a few years ago,” she says, mid-way through the tour, “and I’m almost positive that those measurements up top… are an ex-boyfriend of Tracey Emmin’s penis size.”

“And the message at the bottom is to his new girlfriend – ‘Im glad to hear you’re happy’ – ’cause he has a big penis, I believe.” Thanks for the clarification.

I can’t say I was expecting to see dick measurements on Jenner’s bedroom wall in neon lights … but I’m also not mad at it.

Image: Architectural Digest

Twitter’s been praising her humble abode since the video’s release, commending Jenner on her taste (and that immaculate art studio which I need in my life right this very second).

Check out the full LA hideaway tour below. Discussions about dick size at around the 7:20 mark. You’re welcome.

Image: YouTube / Architectural Digest