Katie Holmes To Design Fashion Line

One of the few upswings of the downswing is the way it managed to lipo off some of the glut of celebrity fashion designers. In a post GFC-world only the strong survive, unfortunately no one told Katie Holmes this. WWD is reporting the actress – whose recent high profile projects included running the New York Marathon and a tap on Dancing with the Stars – will be producing her own fashion line.

She’ll be working with Jeanne Yang, who has already collaborated on a number of pieces with Holmes, most notably the strapless, shapeless white silk onesie she wore to the premier of her All My Sons Broadway stint. In a bout of creative genius, the duo have named the line Holmes and Yang, and it’s set to debut later this year at upmarket LA boutique Maxfield.

Fortunately Holmes’ press release states that, as well as what we suspect will be lacklustre women’s wear pieces, the line will also include clothes inspired by and in sizes for the true fashionista of the TomKat family, Suri. Personally, I’d much rather rock Suri’s signature cardigan, gingham dress and Mary Janes look than anything I’ve seen her mum in lately. Pity the kids clothes won’t come in adult sizes.

Via: WWD